Refinance your auto loan.

Lower your monthly payment with a Statewide auto loan.

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Why refinance with Statewide?

Lower your rate

Refinancing to a loan with a competitive rate may help lower your monthly auto payment.

Save on your monthly payment

When you refinance, you may have the option to reduce your monthly loan payment.

Pay off debts

If you’ve got equity built up in your vehicle, with a refinance you can use it to pay off your debts elsewhere too.

No payments for the first 90 days

That’s right—90 days before your first payment is due.**

A quick application and approval process

Apply online, by phone, or at your local branch, with 100% financing available.

Convenient ways to pay and no prepayment penalties

Make your loan payments online, by automatic payroll deduction, or in person at a branch.

Competitive rates

Low rates for new and used vehicles, with flexible terms up to 84 months.

Fast, personal credit decisions

We’ll help you understand how your credit score influences your rate.

Extra options for peace of mind

Protect your purchase with GAP Coverage and Credit Life and Credit Disability.

Statewide helped me save money with their unbeatable loan rates.
James B.

From the first day I walked into Statewide, Mark has always went the extra mile for me. From helping me with my accounts, to being with me through the process of purchasing my car. He always knew exactly how to help me even when I wasn’t sure what steps I needed to take in the purchases process. I am very satisfied with the service and the relationship I have built with the credit union.


We make the refinancing process easy.


Apply online, by phone, or at your local branch and get your estimated new monthly payment. Apply now

Finalize the details

Once you’re approved, you’ll provide your current registration and a 10-day payoff letter to our Services Specialist.

We pay your current lender

Once your loan is finalized, payment will be sent directly to the lien holder.


A vehicle is considered new when it meets both of the following criteria:

  • It has never been titled or registered with the DMV or any other appropriate agency
  • The odometer, if applicable, has less than 6,000 miles

When you apply to refinance with Statewide FCU, you’ll be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, Social Security number, employment information, income, U.S. citizenship status and email address.

Depending on the specifics of your loan request, the following documents may be required prior to closing: purchase agreement/bill of sales, registration, title, lease buyout instructions, proof of income, federal tax returns, W-2s and financial statements.

Your loan approval and interest rate are locked in for 30 calendar days from the date of your original loan submission.

Yes, but if your current loan’s payoff balance is more than the car’s current value, you may be asked to pay the difference as a requirement for getting your loan refinanced.

GAP Plus Coverage

If your car is damaged or stolen, it’s possible your car insurance won’t cover the full amount you owe on your vehicle. We don’t want this to happen to you, so to help protect you against this kind of loss, we offer GAP Coverage.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers the difference between the insurance settlement and remaining loan balance. It will even pay $1,000 towards your next vehicle purchase when financed through the credit union.

To learn more, call us at 1.800.682.6426

Protection for Your Loan

We also offer payment protection for our loans in the form of Credit Life and Credit Disability. This protection plan helps make your loan payments should you become disabled or deceased. Contact us for more information about this peace of mind product.

To learn more, call us at 1.800.682.6426.

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*Interest rates based on the applicant’s credit score and term of loan. Not all applicants will be approved. Approval and interest rates are subject to creditworthiness and other factors. Not all applicants will qualify for the lowest rate.
**Interest will begin to accrue when the loan is disbursed.
Payment example: For a Loan Amount of $10000 at an interest rate of 6.49% and a loan term of 60 months, the repayment plan consists of 59 monthly payments of $195.66 each, with a final payment of $195.39. Please note that this payment schedule is based on the given loan terms and assumes no additional fees or adjustments. The exact payment amounts and schedule may vary depending on the specific terms and conditions of your loan agreement. It is important to review the terms of your loan agreement and consult with your lender for complete and accurate information regarding your loan repayment obligations.