Credit 101

Build your credit through smart spending, low debts, and on-time payments

Statewide Credit 101

Your credit score plays a big part in getting credit cards, home loans, apartment rentals, and much more.

It’s a powerful number. Because your credit score can impact so many aspects of your life, it’s important for you to have a good handle on how to manage and build your credit so it’ll help you move through the milestones of your life.

Tips for building and maintaining good credit

  • Get your credit score. Federal law entitles you to a free annual credit report. Get yours here.
  • Understand your score. Take this free course to learn more about how your score is calculated.
  • Build your credit. Get a low/no fee credit card with a low interest rate. Pay it off in full every month, on time.
  • Keep your debts low. Your debt should always be below 30% of your total credit limit.
  • Keep your credit cards open as long as possible. This will help your score.
  • Check your credit regularly. Report mistakes to the credit bureaus.
Learn more about your credit scores
Statewide Credit 101

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