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Statewide TruStage Insurance

In order to offer our members quality insurance coverage at competitive prices, Statewide has partnered with CUNA Mutual Insurance to create a program called TruStage Insurance.

In addition to a complimentary Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy for our members, TruStage offers a full range of coverage to meet your family’s needs.  

We’re happy to be able to offer our members $1,000 of free Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage.

By joining Statewide as a primary account holder, you can sign up for $1,000 of free AD&D coverage.  

  • By joining the credit union, members who apply receive no-cost coverage up to $1000 as a benefit.
  • This protection is provided to our members over the age of 18 at no charge to the member.
  • You can also purchase additional coverage to protect against accidental loss of life or covered injuries.

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Because life insurance—at any amount of coverage—can help you protect your family, we want to make getting a policy simple and affordable. With TruStage, you can compare options and get instant online quotes.

Term Life Insurance

  • Provides affordable, high-coverage protection for a set number of years.
  • Offers lower monthly premiums.
  • Depending on the policy and benefit limits, premiums may stay the same or they may vary.

Whole Life

  • Offers coverage you can never outlive.
  • Offers a fixed premium for the whole life of the plan.
  • Over time, this plan can build cash value for the member, providing a future source of money.

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Our TruStage Auto & Home Insurance program is designed to offer you lower rates on auto insurance without compromising quality of service.

  • Choose from a full range of property and casualty coverage underwritten by leading insurance companies.
  • Easily switch to an auto insurance policy that saves you money.
  • Protect your property with homeowner and rental insurance.

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