Quick Loan Payments

Convenient options that fit your needs

Statewide Online Banking

Paying your loan is easy. Choose from one of these convenient options and take control of your finances!

Make a payment using your Checking or Savings at Statewide

login to online banking and make a
one‐time payment or recurring
transfers from your checking or
savings here at Statewide

Make a one‐time payment from an account at another institution

Access our payment portal to make
a one‐time payment from another
Financial Institution using your
debit card or routing number.

Set up Recurring Payments from an account at another institution

Complete this form to set up
recurring payments from another
Financial Institution.

Looking for more ways to make a payment? Contact us at 601.420.5535 and we can help you find the most convenient way for you to make a payment online, in person or over the phone.