Card Production and Shipment Delay

We have noticed some delays in card production and shipment due to supply chain issues. We are always here to make things simple and convenient for you.


For the members who have been impacted by a delay in their card shipment, Statewide is offering alternative ways to provide access to your funds at no cost.

  • For credit cards that have been delayed: We can process a transfer directly from your credit card account to your checking account.
  • For debit or credit cards that have been delayed: We can transfer funds from your account to a gift card at no extra cost.
  • Visit any shared branch locations nationwide to withdraw cash.
  • Add your Statewide debit or credit card to your digital wallet. Apple pay, Google pay, and Samsung pay make it easy to make payments securely from the convenience of your cell phone.

While we are working to resolve the issue related to delays in card shipments, please make sure to activate your card as soon as you receive it.


Setup Digital Payment

Digital Payment

If you need immediate assistance, please call or text us during our business hours: